Moses the Prophet, Moses the Murderer

Was Moses the Prophet a murderer?
The story of Moses from the biblical book of Exodus is the story of a man born into slavery, rescued from genocide, and raised by royalty, who became the unlikely champion of liberty and freedom for his people.
The story of Moses is also the story of a man who killed a fellow human being and fled from justice. Moses was not acting in self-defense or by accident. He deliberately acted to end another person’s life. But it was the escape from punishment that led Moses away from Egypt and into an encounter with God.
So Moses was a murderer. But Moses was also a prophet, a teacher, a poet, and a judge. He was also a husband and a father. The story of Moses did not end with his crime. He is not marked by the worst thing that he had ever done. He is remembered as more than just a murderer.

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