Rules of baseball

A few weeks ago, I was over at the home of my friends Kerwin and Heather for dinner. I started chatting with their six year old daughter Katherine. Katherine told me that she was really excited about the Cubs being in the World Series.
Me: “So Katherine, you must be a big fan of baseball, right?”
Katherine: “I am! I love baseball!”
Me: “You know, I don’t know much about baseball. Could you help me understand some of the rules?”
Katherine: “OK…”
Me: “Great! First off, why are there so many dragons?”
Katherine (giggling): “What?! There aren’t any dragons!”
Me: “Really? There’s no dragons? Then what do all the knights fight?”
Katherine: “The knights?!”
Me: “Yeah! The knights with their horses and their shiny armor, riding around the baseball field. Why are they there if there’s no dragons?”
Katherine: “There’s no knights!”
Me: “Really? What a weird sport.”
The conversation continued like that for a while. Evidently when the pitcher throws the baseball, the ball is not actually on fire, and the giant nets in soccer aren’t for catching giant bugs. Katherine and I had a blast talking about the absurd rules of sports.
I saw Katherine yesterday, along with her friend Kezia, who is Dado and Bernee‘s daughter. Katherine said, “Let’s talk about gymnastics!”
According to Katherine and Kezia, the balance beam is not actually a laser beam, the vault doesn’t involve leaping over a moat of dinosaurs, and the floor routine doesn’t include jumping over lava pits. Truly, kids say the darndest things.

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