CCDA 2016 — Networking

Another reflection from CCDA National Conference 2016: Networking.

CCDA emphasizes connecting practitioners (people working in the field) to build ideas and encourage one another. The National Conference had several formal networking sessions, including sessions for mental health professionals, people involved in urban youth ministry, and rural and small town practitioners.

I attended a networking event for Asian Americans doing Christian community development. I appreciated meeting with other Asian-American Christians who are engaged in serving under-resourced communities. Many Asian-American Christians strive for an easy life in the suburbs. After all, many Asian immigrants came to the United States to escape the grime and poverty of their home communities, so I can understand why they would want to focus on securing a comfortable life for themselves and their children. But I do wish that more Asian-American Christians engaged with issues like racism, criminal reentry, and economic empowerment for the poor. So I am glad that through CCDA, I can meet with others who understand the work that I am trying to do with homelessness and criminal reintegration. I was also glad to see Eric Peng again, and hear about his work with By The Hand Club For Kids.

Much thanks to Albert Alby Wang and Steve Park (along with the other organizers) for their work in putting the networking event together!

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