Basic Geography

I’ve never seen this interaction, but kind of hoping it happens.
Thirsty White Dude: “Hey there, where you from?”
Chill Vietnamese Woman: “I’m from LA.”
TWD: “No, I mean, where are you really from?”
CVW: “Well, I was born in Dallas, but my parents are from Vietnam.”
TWD: “Oh, I love Vietnam!”
CVW: “Really? How so?”
TWD: “I love Vietnamese food. Pho noodle soup, spring rolls, beef. Hey, we should get some pho sometime. What’s your number?”
CVW: “Here, let me show you something on my phone.”
TWD: “Oh cool…Wait, what is this?”
CVW: “This is a map of the world, but without any of the country names. Since you love Vietnam so much, show me where it is.”
TWD: “Oh! Uh, it’s here, right?”
CVW: “Nope, that is Laos, an entirely different country with a completely different language, culture, and history.”
TWD: “What about here?”
CVW: “Wrong again, that’s Indonesia.”
TWD: “Here?”
CVW: “That’s the Pacific Ocean.”
TWD: “…”
CVW: “Listen, I know it takes guts to go up to a woman and strike up a conversation. But honestly, if you’re going to try to hit on me just by claiming that you love the country from which my parents emigrated 30 years ago, the least you can do is know basic geography.”

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