Should I stop writing?

Sometimes, I wonder if I should stop writing.

I started writing as an outlet for law school. I wanted to find a way to express myself and put my ideas out there. I always wanted to write in a way that would be helpful to other people. I enjoy reading something thoughtful and well-articulated on Facebook.

But sometimes, I wonder if I have anything worthwhile to say. I wonder if my writing is preachy, condescending, pretentious. Is my writing valuable?

No one has told me to stop writing. Quite the opposite, actually. Many people have encouraged me to keep writing. But I guess I am my own worst critic.

After thinking about it for a while, I’ve come to these conclusions:

1) I enjoy writing. I enjoy the process of reflection and putting my thoughts together. If it was up to me, I would keep writing.

2) Many people have told me how much they appreciate what I write. One person has said that my posts helped her to get through 1L year.

3) If people disagree with me, they can let me know. I’m always open to constructive comments that help me think through my perspective and improve my writing.

4) For some people, my writing may not be what they want to read. That’s fine. I read everything that people write on Facebook. And there’s always the Unfollow button on the upper right, for those who want to hide my writings.

I enjoy writing. I find it valuable. So I’m going to keep doing it, despite my self-imposed criticism.

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