Someone has a crush on me?!

There’s a Facebook group here called UofC Crushes, in which people post anonymous romantic notes. My friend alerted me to a post the other day:
“I am in a committed relationship. HOWEVER, I spent last quarter fantasizing about my life with the beautiful Asian lawyer in my class whose mission was to represent homeless people. Take me now.”
My responses:
1) I think that might be me. The “lawyer” bit makes me think that this is not a law student, and I did take two non-law school classes last quarter. I am Asian, and I did say in both classes that my mission was to represent homeless people.
2) Assuming this is me, I’m flattered that this person thinks that I’m beautiful. Don’t get that a lot.
3) That said, I’m not worth breaking a committed relationship over. If you’re committed to someone, you promise to stay with that person through thick and thin, not until something better comes along. And maybe I’m not that much better than who you’re with now.
4) Still, I appreciate that this person noted not only my physical appearance, but my desire to advocate for others. Anonymous admirer! I will not let you down! I will keep fighting for others, because everyone deserves justice!

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