Every Wedding Starts with a Memory

It is said that at every wedding, those in attendance think of their own wedding, whether remembering the past or anticipating the future.

At Sammy​ and Sarah​’s wedding, I asked Anthony Moreno​ about this. He said that when he say Sammy and Sarah at the front, he remembered his wedding to Mona​ last year. He remembers the vows he made to her that day. Those vows are still just as true, but they have been strengthened by their experience together these past few months. But he did say “I didn’t see then how our life together would turn out the way it has so far.”

I think about my own parents’ wedding nearly 30 years ago. They did know that they would relocate to another country to start a new life.They did not know that they would have to juggle career with raising a family. They did not know that they would gain so much from their new home, but would miss out on so much back in Korea. There is both fear and adventure in that uncertainty. As Michael​ and Maria​ have said, “We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re excited to do it together.”

“What about you?” Anthony asked. Truth is, I haven’t thought about my own wedding much. Since I’m not dating anyone now, it’s hard to envision any wedding. Maybe it will never happen. But if so, I am still full of thankfulness for all the rich relationships in my life. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re excited to do it together.

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