On Lifelong Wellness

Nathan VanNortwick​ once said something simple yet profound: “I used to want to get really big and strong. But now my goal is to be running marathons at 90.”

Nate is definitely a runner. He runs marathons and ultramarathons (he ran a 100 mile ultra in just under 23 hours.) I don’t have ambitions to become a runner. Still, I find myself returning to his perspective of the long goal.

So much modern workout culture is fixated on the immediate. Get Strong Fast! Get Big Fast! Get Yoked/Ripped/Lean! These are valid goals, although perhaps unduly informed by vanity. Yet a healthy body is not only strong, but mobile, well rested, and free from pain.

Exercise is not just to lose weight. It is part of a holistic investment into the future. A little less Muscle and Fitness, a little more AARP.

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