Dream Sequence: Zombie Attack

I’ve got another dream post for you. This one was from a couple years ago. It’s quite extended.

I was in the Batcave with the crew from Scooby Doo. We were marveling over Batman’s gadgets and gear. Suddenly, we heard a siren and screens everywhere flashing “WARNING!” Batman looked at the screen, then turned to us and said in a whisper, “the zombies are here.”

The screens lit up with images of the zombies, shuffling around with their glowing red eyes. We jumped into a canoe to fight them. Since there was no water, we rowed on land. We maneuvered into a high school, rowing through classrooms and hallways, fighting the zombies with our paddles. The zombies were joined by human-sized squid beings, their translucent blue jelly-like flesh quivering around a glowing red core. One by one, my friends were picked off, until I remained alone.

I paddled back to the Batcave, and emerged at the top of the stairs. I slowly floated down and found my friend standing at the bottom. She had rips in her clothes and it looked like she had been in a battle. Beside her stood a little girl, about 8, with pale skin and straight black hair, no expression on her face.

My friend said, “Joel! You have to get this little girl out of here! She is the key to the whole thing!”

We heard the pounding of the zombies at the door. My friend turned to a console and turned a few dials. A giant screen behind me lit up with an image of a rooftop. My friend put my hand on the screen, and I slowly melded into it. “Go!” said my friend.

I emerged on the other side, on the roof. I turned around and saw only static on the screen, and I realized that my friend had been killed. The little girl stood beside me. I grabbed her hand and started running. Zombies and squids started emerging from all around the building, chasing us down. We ran for the elevator, the horde right behind us. We leapt inside and the doors slammed shut. Through the window, I could see the glowing red eyes and glowing red cores.

“Whew! We made it!” I said to the girl, as the elevator started to descend. The girl said nothing. I said, “Are you ok? What’s going on?” Then, the lights started to dim. Everything began to fade into darkness. I looked in horror as the little girl’s eyes started to glow red. As the elevator went black, all I could see were her glowing red eyes.

Then I woke up.

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