Celebrations as an act of defiance

I have been thinking about weddings lately. I am going to several weddings in the coming months. One of my roommates is planning his wedding for May, and it’s clear that it’s taking a lot of time.

I got a secondhand look at wedding preparation while I was living with Vinicius Gripp B. Ramos​. In the months leading up to their wedding, he and Christina labored over the logistics. What flowers will there be and who will provide them? Where will guests stay? What will happen in the ceremony and the reception?

Planning a wedding requires much work and can be expensive. I have heard friends talk about how they wish that they could simply elope and not deal with the hassle, which is understandable.

In some ways, a wedding can be an act of defiance, as is the case with every celebration, from a birthday to a bar mitzvah. It’s an act of relentless joy against the darkness of life. We see the brokenness, pain, and sadness around us, and can be inclined to lose hope. A cynic may see a wedding and say “Ha! I bet they won’t even be done writing thank you cards before they have a bad argument. That wedding china we just bought them will be used as projectiles.” A wedding is a pronouncement that even in the face of inevitable conflict, the couple will remain steadfast. To say that life, with all its messiness and hurt and sorrow, is still vehemently worth celebrating

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