Expansive Vision

It’s final exam season at school. I had one exam today, another on Friday, and a take home assignment. Much of law school studying is tedious or difficult. Sometimes, I get frustrated with the work, but then I think about my friend David Chiu​.

David was a teacher (he’s a principal now) at a school in Oakland. I remember hanging out with David while he was going to school for his credential while working full time and settling into a new marriage. David worked really hard to get to where he is now. But he didn’t work hard to become a teacher to grade assignments all day (although he does a lot of that.) He didn’t become a teacher to do lesson planning, or deal with disciplinary issues, or drama with his fellow teachers. All of those things are necessary parts of his work, and take up much of his time. But that’s not why he became a teacher. He became a teacher because he is passionate about helping young people grow to become intelligent, mature, strong people. He has a desire to mentor and support these youth so that they can see and become the greatness within themselves.

In the same way, I didn’t come to law school to puzzle through hearsay exceptions or worry about carryover basis in a 351 transaction. I didn’t come to law school to worry about exams and memos and papers. This is a path to something greater.

I remember talking to Erica Jaffe​ and Maria Macia​. In that conversation, they said that it’s important to maintain vision for why I am here in school. It can be easy to lose sight of that in the middle of incredible pressures. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to expand that vision for my work.

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