Visiting the post office

Today I had to go to the post office to pick up a package that didn’t get delivered. I had gotten an email informing me that it was at the post office. I walked in to find two lines. I asked another patron, and she said that there were two lines: one for general services, the other for package pickup. I joined the package pickup line, which was moving terribly slowly.

I finally got to the front of the line, and the clerk at the window informed me that there was in fact only one line. She did help the two people in front of me, but ordered the rest of us to join the main line. Exasperated, we joined the line, which frustrated the people who were already in the line.

As I got close to the front of the main line, a woman somehow cut in front of all of us to get to the window. Another patron got angry and started yelling at her. Soon, both women were yelling at each other. It was a frightful scene.

Eventually, the two women left, and I got to the window. I gave the woman my ID. After she looked around in the back for a few minutes, she returned and told me that my package wasn’t there. She advised me to check the status on the website again on Monday and see if it shows up.

In all, I spent over an hour at the post office. I will admit that it was a frustrating experience, but while I was there I reminded myself over and over “Don’t let this steal your joy. You can choose how to respond to this situation. Choose joy.”

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