Tu és fiel, Senhor!

This past summer, I was in Rio de Janeiro with my friend Albert Alby Wang to celebrate the wedding of Vinicius Gripp B. Ramos and his wife Christina. Vini and Christina had already gotten married in May in Berkeley, but this was a celebration for friends and family in Brazil. The ceremony was a simple one, conducted at the church where Vini’s father was a pastor. The ceremony was conducted in Portuguese, so I could not understand any of it. However, we did get to sing several hymns, including “Tu és fiel Senhor”, which in English is known as “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

I have grown up hearing this hymn, both in its English incarnation and in Korean as “오 신실하신 주”. Yet there was a beautiful richness in hearing it afresh in a new language. I kept the program from the ceremony and still sing the hymn every now and again. It reminds me of the wonderful time I had in Rio with my friends and of that beautiful city. It gives me a greater appreciation of the truth of the words.

“Tu és fiel, Senhor! Tu és fiel, Senhor!
Dia após dia, com bênçãos sem fim.
Tua mercê me sustenta e me guarda.
Tu és fiel, Senhor, fiel a mim.”

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