In difficult times, I find it easy to become cynical. I find it tempting to throw up my hands, step away from everything, and quit. I find it tempting to not get involved.

But I need to remember that cynicism is a luxury available to the secure. I have the option of stepping away and giving up. Others don’t have that option. They can’t step away from the struggle because their lives are the struggle.

It’s easy for me to forget that. It’s easy for me to opt out when it was my choice to get in.

And the worst thing that I can do is to show up, with my expensive credentials and fancy language, and tell people who have already been in the fight: “Let me show you how it’s done”.

As a lawyer, as a technical expert, I have skills that I can offer. As a friend and ally, I can provide my support. But I’m not here to run the show.

So I’ll take my break. I’ll remember self-care. And I pray that I’ll have the courage to care for those who never asked to be in this struggle, but are in it now.