Dating advice from mom: Opposites Attract

My mom’s dating advice: “Opposites attract.”
“Look at our family. Your dad and your brother have similar personalities. They are both simple people. Not that they are simple-minded; they are both incredibly intelligent. But they have simple approaches to life. You only give them a few things, and they are happy!”
“On the other hand, you and I are similar, in that we are deep thinkers with complex inner worlds. We are always thinking. You give us everything, and we’re still unhappy!”
“You and your brother get along so well, even though you two are so different. You see the good things in each other. You bring out the thoughtful side of Dale. He brings out the fun side of you. You need someone who will do the same for you.”
It’s true that I tend to be more serious in my approach to life. I’m not a dour-faced curmudgeon, but I do seek out purpose and meaning in life. As a result, sometimes it’s hard for me to have fun.
And this isn’t to say that I would pursue a bubbly pixie person who chirps from diversion to diversion. I would find such a person ungrounded and obnoxiously flighty. But it’s nice to be comfortable enough with someone to let my silly side out.
If people have stories about opposites attracting, I’d love to hear them!

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