One Year Mark

Yesterday was graduation day for the University of Chicago Law School Class of 2017. That means it’s been a year since I’ve graduated. In this past year, I have:
– Moved from Chicago to LA to study for the bar exam.
– Took, and passed, the bar exam.
– Traveled to Philadelphia to help my brother start his pre-med post-bac program.
– Moved from LA to the San Francisco Bay Area.
– Started a new job in San Francisco, in which I directed a legal services program and worked to fight the criminalization of homelessness.
– Participated in a leadership training course with my church.
– Got a new job in Berkeley that I’m starting tomorrow.
I’ve also learned some major lessons:
– Self-care is important to avoid burnout.
– My attention to detail is a strength, but I need to focus on the big issues.
– If a client yells at me, it’s not just about me.
– Feedback can be painful, but is crucial to growth.
– Mistakes are a given, but learning from them is not.
– It’s OK to be a kid. I don’t always have to be super serious.
– God is good. Life is hard.

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