A day in downtown LA

Today, I got to explore downtown LA with my family. We live in a suburb, and don’t go downtown much, since driving is such a pain. So this time, we took the Metro.
We started with lunch at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse. My mom, dad, and brother had never had Brazilian food before, and they really liked it. We stuck to the buffet, since we didn’t want to shell out for the full “all-the-meat-you-can-eat” experience. I missed eating Brazilian rice, feijoada, and farofa, and found them delicious as always. My dad really liked the cheese bread (pão de queijo). When we told the waiter that we were celebrating my new job, he provided a complimentary dessert, papaya cream (papaya blended with vanilla ice cream). Smooth and not too sweet, it was the perfect way to finish a very hearty meal.
We set out for the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which my mom has never seen. On the way, we stopped by the Central Library. Inside, we checked out a Mexican art exhibit (it was actually for art used for Mexican textbook covers). I noticed that three men appeared again and again on the covers: Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juarez, and Francisco Madero. I don’t know much about Mexican history, so I made a note to spend some time learning about these key figures.
We passed by the MOCA and the Broad (the museums will have to wait for another day) and arrived at the Concert Hall. We ascended the stairs and strolled through the public park. Even though the Concert Hall is right next to a busy street, the park is quiet.
After we rested for a bit, we ventured into Grand Park. We came across a large reflecting pool, shallow enough to walk on. I played in the pool with my dad and my brother, kicking around the water. The pool reminded me of the reflecting pool at my law school; sometimes, I would dance in that pool.
We left the park and entered the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, a beautiful building filled with light. My favorite part of the cathedral is the set of tapestries in the hall (the nave). The tapestries depict saints from throughout time and place, all gazing intently toward the altar. The tapestries remind me of the worldwide community that centers on Christ.
Our final stop was Grand Central Market. At this point, we weren’t hungry for dinner, and were ready to head home. My brother got a beer, and I got some ice cream from McConnell’s (black coffee chocolate chip and earl gray tea with shortbread). We finished our snacks, took the Metro back home, and went to get some Korean food at our local Korean supermarket.
All told, an excellent day!

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