Finding a steady job

Talking to Milton Wu today helped me realize: I have never held a secure job.
Since I graduated from college in 2009, most of my jobs have been contract or temporary positions (one year contract with Google, one year temporary position with my church, a temp gig with a conference management company). My first job out of college, at a special education school, wasn’t a temporary job, but it didn’t provide much financial security, especially with my student loans. While I was in law school, I was constantly job hunting, both for summer jobs and for after graduation.
So for the last eight years, I have either been actively job searching or preparing for an upcoming job search. Job searching is a significant source of stress, even if I didn’t experience that time as stressful. It’s also made it hard to make plans for the future; one reason I didn’t date much after college was because I didn’t know where I would end up in the future.
I wonder what it will feel like to have a job that pays me a secure wage and that isn’t a temporary gig. I don’t know if I’ll be able to reach that level of stability anytime soon, as the career trajectory of a public interest lawyer can be volatile. Still, I am thankful for the opportunities I have had so far.

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