On the BART today, I saw a glimpse of shared humanity.
I saw a young guy, maybe in his mid-20s. He was well-built, with prominent tattoos on his forearms. He was wearing a Warcraft shirt (the Blizzard logo was on the back), and was carrying an Arrowhead gallon-sized water jug. On the jug was written in marker “DO IT FOR YOURSELF, BECAUSE IT’S YOUR SWEAT, YOUR BLOOD, YOUR GAINS”. He took a swig of water from the jug and stepped toward the train door.
Next to him was a young woman, also likely in her 20s. She was wearing a chic black coat, with gold zippers and buttons. She had a simple black canvas backpack. She put down the backpack, unzipped it, and pulled out a large blue plastic bottle, kind of like the ones you see at office water coolers, only smaller and with a built-in handle. She took a great gulp of water.
These two individuals looked pretty different. They likely have different hobbies and different visions for their lives. Yet in watching them both drink deeply of the water in their possession reminded me of something: We are all sentient sacks of water, nourished by the same resources and the same nutrients. We may have our different political views and values and choices, but we share this essential truth: dehydration really sucks.
So stay hydrated, drink lots of water, and treat the sentient sack of water next to you with humanity and respect.

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