From special ed to lawyering

My experience in special education helped prepare me to be a lawyer.
I often work directly with clients. Many of my clients are homeless and are suffering from mental health issues. All of them come to me in difficulty and stress; none of them are happy to see me. I have had clients yell at me, accuse me of not wanting to help them, even storm out in anger. In all these circumstances, I am grateful for how my special ed experience helped me to stay calm and lower the temperature. Plus, any day in which nobody bites me is a good day.
If someone bites you, your first instinct would be to pull away, but the biter would end up taking a piece of flesh with them. Instead, grab the biter’s head and pull them towards you. The goal is to disengage their jaws (such as when you take too big a bite of an apple and can’t chew properly), then quickly remove yourself from their mouth. Take a breather and sanitize the bite spot, since you don’t want to get infected. In working in special ed, I’ve been bitten twice (by the same student), and these tactics have helped me.

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