Thanksgiving 2016

This will be my first Thanksgiving in the Bay Area. The last three Thanksgivings, I was in Chicago. Plane trips back home to LA cost $400 one way, which was difficult for a student budget. I appreciated having Thanksgiving with the good folks at Church of the Shepherd, especially Tiffany and Dave Borycz, who graciously opened their home to us.
Now I’m in California, but my younger brother is in Philadelphia and won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving. So instead of paying out the nose for airfare on heavy travel days or taking vacation time to go home, I decided to stay here and wait to see my family in December.
So I’m thankful that I have friends and family all around the world. And as much as the last month, year, or decade may have been full of hardship, tragedy, and discord, I am glad to have a day dedicated to giving thanks. This is not to forget the problems and pains in this world. The holiday of Thanksgiving itself has a bloody history; I know that it is a bitter day for many Native Americans. Thanksgiving’s painful history is a part of America’s painful history; America’s painful history is a part of humanity’s painful history.
But just as an individual life is full of fear and feasting, joy and jealousy, mourning and munching, so too is the life of a people. Let us remember to lament. Let us remember to console. Let us remember to dance. And let us remember to give thanks.
Also, looking forward to some pie. I eat salad every day so I can have multiple desserts for Thanksgiving.

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