Super Powers

Long post. TL;DR at the end.
Before I went to law school, I came across this blog post:
“Being a lawyer is usually tedious, often difficult, and almost always stressful, but it’s the next best thing to having superpowers. Because when you need a lawyer, really need one, and don’t have one, it makes a huge difference.”
In my experience, I have found that to be true. If you are a tenant facing eviction, or a person with a criminal history trying to get a second chance at life, or an individual hoping to escape from a domestic violence situation, you face extremely difficult hurdles. So having a lawyer on your side is a tremendous help. This is especially true if you have mental disabilities, or are indigent, or homeless. The most vulnerable members of our communities, who need the greatest legal assistance, often go without help because they cannot afford an attorney.
Now of course, lawyers need to be careful to avoid a rescuer mentality. For one, lawyers need to set up good boundaries with clients, especially those who have multiple issues. Lawyers aren’t therapists, or social workers, or medical professionals. Moreover, lawyers need to recognize that all clients have independence and agency. Even the clients in the greatest need are still able to do things for themselves. Lawyers are meant to serve as the advisers to the client, not the captains of their vessels.
So today is my radioactive spider bite, my power ring moment, my Mega Buster time.
Because even though I’m not Spiderman, the Green Lantern, or Mega Man, today I’m a little bit closer to the next best thing.
(TL;DR I passed the California bar exam. “Like” For Great Justice!)

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