On my way to the airport

I took a Lyft to the airport for my trip to the Bay Area this weekend. My Lyft driver was a middle-aged man from Armenia. He said that he used to manage a cigar shop. He told me that he had two sons, both around my age. His older son was a hardworking fellow who works for ADT, the security company. But his younger son had never been much of a hard worker. The driver told his son again and again to go to college and get a degree, but no matter how hard he would try, he couldn’t get his son to do much with his life.
One day, my driver was in his shop with his son, when a young Korean-American woman walked in. The son and the woman started talking. Before too long, they were dating, and plan to get married next year. The woman told the son that he needs to make something of himself. The son has started exercising more and taking work seriously. He even took over managing the shop from his father, and is expanding his business into more shops.
My driver told me that as much as he tried to get his son on the right track, his son did not listen to him. But as the son pursued a relationship with this woman, he wanted to change himself to not lose her.

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