Met a beautiful young woman on the plane

Yesterday, on my flight from Burbank to Oakland on my way to Seattle, I was seated next to a beautiful young woman. She was wearing a long flowing gown and fashionable heels. I usually keep to myself on planes, and I had some work to do, so I didn’t engage her in conversation.
As we were landing, she turned to me and said, “Would you like a mint?” I accepted, and she said that she was so excited to spend the weekend in Oakland. We chatted a bit about her weekend plans, and I told her that I was going to Seattle.
She asked me what I do for a living, and I told her about my new position at a civil rights nonprofit in San Francisco. She started telling me about the charity work that she does. She then gave me a flier for a rock show that she was putting together to raise money for multiple sclerosis. She told me about the difficult year that her family went through, with several members experiencing health issues and wrangling with the government for medical benefits.
I asked about other projects that she does, and she told me about a side business that she conducts with her girlfriend hosting pickling parties. They would go to a person’s house and would put different vegetables in brine, ready to enjoy as pickles in a few months. She smiled and said, “It’s really just a good excuse to drink a lot of alcohol”. She told me that the idea came about when she and her girlfriend were thinking about what kind of food to have at their wedding.
Our plane arrived at the gate. She gave me her business card for the pickling business, and we wished each other well.
I don’t often engage in conversation on planes. I figure that most people would like to be left alone. But if someone is willing to talk, I’m willing to listen. I enjoyed my chat with Kimberly, and I learned that pickle parties are a thing.

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