Congrats, Class of 2016!

Yesterday, the school had a get together for all the graduating students and their families. I was meeting Krista Perry‘s family and telling them about my future plans to help people get housing. Krista’s sister Katie said “Wow, all the people that I’ve met here are so impressive and doing such amazing things.”
Earlier that day, I had lunch with Barry Alberts, my legal ethics teacher. He graduated from the law school in 1971. Just this past April, he had his 45th law school reunion. He said that it was such a joy to see all the amazing things that his classmates have done in the practice of law, academia, politics, and other areas.
So congrats, class of 2016. You’re an impressive bunch, who have done amazing things, and will go on to do amazing things. Kudos.
Oh, and, uh, speaking of legal ethics, please don’t do anything unethical. Not that you need me to tell you, but still.

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