Last week of class!

This past week was my last week of law school classes. While I study for finals next week, I have a few reflections:

1) I am honored to have spent three years with incredibly intelligent, hard-working, and compassionate classmates. Through classes, student organizations, and pro bono work, I have seen my classmates shine and grow. We had our graduating students’ dinner this past Thursday, and several students received awards for pro bono work, involvement with the law school clinics, and contributions to the life of the school. Great work.

2) I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’ve discovered work that is meaningful and makes a difference in people’s lives. I’ve learned to be confident, be brave, be strong. I’m grateful for the encouraging response that I have received for the words that I write. I’m also glad for the thoughtful critiques. Thank you for reading!

3) But I am glad to be done. Law school is hard. I left my family and a community of people that I really love. While it’s exciting to be in a new city, I’ve missed the Valley, I’ve missed the Bay Area. Law school has been a lot of work. It’s also been a lonely time in many ways. In fact, the experience of this heavy feeling of loneliness may be the greatest lesson from law school. It’s something that I plan to explore further, and I will keep you all updated.

But emotional reflection will need to wait. First Fed Courts exam, then Admin Law exam, then a paper, then finishing my

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