Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Much thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. Special thanks also to David Malison, Michelle Malison, Gail Faithful, and Dave and Tiffany Borycz for taking me out to lunch.

Also, I reached my fundraising goal for my ODW birthday campaign! Thank you to Milton Wu, Frances Fon Wu, Andrea Forth, Josh Tovar, Dale Kim, Minyoung Kim, Kiju Kim, Ken Wong, Jesse Chui, Andrew A Tai, Vinicius Ramos, Linnet DS, Eileen Prescott, Blair Mgbada, Teresa Schepis, and a couple anonymous donors. Thank you for helping me raise $1290 to Invest in Better Maternal Health!

If you still want to donate, the campaign will be available for the next week. The link is below.

Now, for my next trick, I will submit two papers, take two finals, graduate, and take the bar exam. Here we go!

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