Birthday Post: 29 Tomorrow

As I turn 29 tomorrow, I suppose it’s time for some reflection. Some things that happened last year:

– I finished 2L year, which included an extremely busy year as Co-Chair of the Chicago Law Foundation Auction.
– I interned over the summer at the National Housing Law Project and LAF‘s Housing Practice Group, and developed a greater interest in housing issues.
– I went to so many weddings. According to my count, I attended seven weddings. Unfortunately, I had to miss a few.
– I attended The Justice Conference and the Christian Community Development Association National Conference, and was challenged on the role of the Church in addressing inequity, injustice, and brokenness in our world.
– After months of applying and waiting, I finally got a job!
– I unexpectedly ended up living on my own. I had never lived in my own place with no roommates before, and it was a good experience, although it felt strange having an entire seven bedroom house to myself.
– I grew quite a bit as a writer. One major lesson that I’m still learning is how to respond to criticism. No matter what I write or how I write, there will still be people who don’t like what I have to say. That’s OK! I’ll take the helpful parts from their critique and throw out the unhelpful.

What I’m looking forward to this year:

– Finishing 3L year and graduating. It’s been a long road, and while I’ve enjoyed it, I’m ready to be done.
– Moving from Chicago back to California. I’ve enjoyed my time here, and I may well come back, but I’m looking forward to going back home.
– Taking the bar exam. I’m not looking forward to it, but it needs to get done.
– Moving up to the Bay Area and reconnecting with community. Fortunately, I found housing that fits just within my nonprofit salary budget.
– Starting my job at a legal nonprofit helping to reduce barriers to housing for people leaving the criminal justice system.
– I need to look for my next job, as my position this fall only lasts for a year. But a year’s experience should help.
– Maybe I’ll actually start dating? It would be easier to make that a priority when I feel more settled in a location. Still, I have enjoyed this single season of my life. It has been a rich and rewarding time.
– I’m going to two weddings this year, so looks like fewer than last year. But maybe that will change.

Well, I’m off to bed. If you have any suggestions on other highlights of my life, let me know.

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