Lindsey Moriguchi recommended that I check out “Master of None”, the Netflix show starring Aziz Ansari of Parks and Recreation. In the first episode, Dev (played by Ansari) contemplates whether he would want to have kids. The show makes clear that children can be a mixed blessing. They can be wonderful, sweet, and life-giving. They can also be selfish, messy, and draining. Children are good, but just like other good things, require work.

This past week, I got to witness a unique expression of the joy of parenthood. I went to a concert by Judith Hill, a powerful and soulful singer (thanks Teressa for letting me join!) Judith’s parents met while playing in a funk band. In fact, her parents were backing for her at the concert: Robert Hill was on bass and Michiko Hill on keyboard. I could clearly see how proud they were of their daughter. I imagined them saying “We know that Judith is amazing. Now other people get to see how amazing she is.”

But this isn’t to say that I would need to be a talented performing artist who sang with Michael Jackson to have my parents’ love. My mom once said to me, “I know that if you or Dale got into a car accident and become paralyzed or can’t talk or do anything, I would still be proud to be your mom, because I know how wonderful you are.”

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