3L Year

My model of 3L life is Michael Lanahan​. Michael was a 3L when I was a 1L. Typically, 3Ls are not as engaged with life at the school (#3LOL). But Michael was very much involved. He was deeply invested in several student organizations, such as the Federalist Society, the Christian Legal Society, and the Law School Musical. He gave a great deal of time to the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship, helping small businesses thrive. I knew that when I started 3L year, I didn’t want to sit back and disengage. I wanted to stay involved and make the most of this opportunity.

Well, it’s 3L year now. Besides schoolwork, I am the President of the Chicago Law Foundation, I will start pro bono work with the International Refugee Assistance Project, I have a part-time job with Themis Bar Review and as a library research assistant, I am applying to postgrad public interest opportunities, and I am fairly involved with my church. Never a dull moment, to be sure, but I am happy to have a full 3L year. This year is going to fly by, and I want to make good use of the time.

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