Weddings: Community

I have been thinking about weddings lately. My Facebook feed is filled with pictures from two weddings of law school friends (my congratulations to Joy Sea​ & Peter and Alan​ & Megan on their respective nuptials.) They are both third year students, and several of their fellow 3Ls gathered to celebrate the occasions.

Just three years ago, most of these people didn’t know each other. They had no connection at all. Yet through the crucible of classes, interviews, papers, and the general grind of law school, they have come together as a community to support each other.

We are all still so young. How will it feel to see the wedding of a friend’s child, to share in the joy of the family in this new stage of life? To attend the ceremony for a friend who lost their first spouse by death or divorce and had been scared of ever loving again? All of the weddings I have attended have been first weddings for young people. All of them embody a sense of adventure, of embracing the future with wonder and joy.

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