Friends and Colleagues

Talking to Krista Perry​ inspired some thoughts on friendship in law school. There are two kinds of relationship that develop in law school: personal and professional. Some of the people that I meet here will be lasting friends that I will hold onto hopefully for life. Otherwise are perfectly wonderful people for whom I would gladly give positive references, but do not presume will be close confidants. It would be presumptuous to sort relationships as one or the other, but it does help frame how I understand my relationships here.

For the word “friend” to have any meaning, there must be distinction. I cannot claim that everyone that I meet will be a close friend. Yet every person that I meet is deserving of my respect, kindness, and honor. This isn’t because of how they can further my career down the line. I don’t do it because of what they can do for me; I do it because that is who I am made to be. I am made to demonstrate compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience to others. If the other person behaves in a terrible or callous way, that doesn’t change who I am.

Some of my classmates will be my friends. Some will be my colleagues. In all, I will consider myself exceedingly fortunate to have spent these years with some truly amazing people.

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