Keeping perspective on the continuing path

This has been a very busy quarter. Looking back on it, I feel worn it. I feel as if I haven’t had any time to take a break during these past few months. Every night, there has always been more work to do. I miss days when I can take time off and not do any work. I start to feel weary and tired thinking about it.
But then I look at how much I have matured in the last few months, how I have grown in diligence and discipline. I see how I have learned to manage my time and have vision for my studies. Instead of seeing my lack of time, I can focus instead on my growth in maturity. Now, in looking to what is ahead, instead of feeling worn down by how tired I feel, I can feel uplifted by how much stronger I have become. By choosing to focus on where I have made progress, I can keep my perspective for the continuing path.
I am still looking forward to this quarter being done, though.

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