Here to Help!

I was at the wedding reception for Anthony and Mona Moreno. They had just returned from their wedding in Austin and were celebrating with friends in Chicago. I was simply present as a guest, there to celebrate.

Mona and Anthony stood near the entrance and greeted people as they came in. Of course, they were very excited to greet friends, and there was a wait as more and more people arrived. I quietly inserted myself close to the door and started greeting people and giving guidance. “Welcome to the reception! Glad that you’re here. You can put your coats back there. The restroom is there too. You can sign the guestbook here, and the bar is over there. Enjoy!”

One person asked “Oh, are you the reception coordinator?” I said “No, no, I’m just a friend, but I like to help.”

I recognize that sometimes that desire to help can dangerously slip into codependency and building my identity on how much I assist. However, I can’t deny that I am wired to help others and find great satisfaction in doing so. I love how it feels to find a need and take care of it. What was particularly nice in this situation was that Anthony and Mona didn’t even need to ask; it was a pleasure to serve them in this simple way.

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