Sermon Reflection: God in the Mundane

A meditation on a sermon by David Whited:

A phrase I often hear is “I can’t wait.” About schoolwork: “I can’t wait until this class is over.” About school generally: “I can’t wait until I’m done and can start working.” About work: “I can’t wait until the week is over and I can have fun on the weekend.”

A narrative of delayed gratification, living for what is to come, not what is at present. And it is true that we often do things for the benefits that are to come later on. I may not enjoy reading about the statutory framework governing capital gains tax, but I read it to build my knowledge.

However, there is a grace in learning to appreciate what is at present, to see the beauty in the ordinary. It may be reflecting on the place of the mundane in the will of God. It may be simple thankfulness for what I have, not fixating on what I lack. It may even be the mystery of practicing the presence of God at all times.

In any event, it is useful to know that nothing is inevitable. As much as I may work hard in school, it is not certain that I will reach graduation, or that I will even reach next week. So I make it my goal to live, not just to maintain, and to seek to see the extraordinary in the routine.

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