Money is the lowest

One of the best pieces of advice that I received from my dad is that “Money should be the lowest consideration in your decisions.” He has seen people take a job for money, get married for money, or go to school for money, and they have all regretted their decisions.

My dad told me about such a decision he had to make. When he was planning to come to the US for his graduate studies, an rich older gentleman took him aside and offered a deal. “My daughter really wants to move to the US. If you marry her, our family will pay for all your education. We will provide for all your needs.” My dad was facing an uncertain future and possible debt. I asked him if he was tempted. He said “Not a bit.” He was madly in love with his girlfriend. Though she came from modest means, no amount of money could draw him away from her. That girlfriend, of course, is his wife and my mom.

My dad said that later on, the woman from the rich family found a willing man to take the offer to marry her and take her to the US. Last he heard, they are in a bitter relationship.

When I asked him why he wasn’t tempted, he said “She’s my girl. No amount of money will change that.”

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