Just saying hello

I was on the plane to DC for a career fair when a man sat down next to me. He whipped out his phone and started playing a game, his earphones plugged in. I figured I would listen to a few podcasts on the flight, so I plugged my earphones in as well.

Shortly after takeoff, he put his phone away and pulled out a magazine called “Affordable Housing Finance,” as well as a few pamphlets that said “How Housing Matters.” I am currently in a clinical class working with developers of affordable housing, and I find housing a fascinating space. I thought “I could either continue listening to my podcasts, or I can say hello. The worst that could happen is that he doesn’t want to talk.”

So I said hello, and we ended up having a great conversation. He is the executive director of a national housing organization that works on affordable housing issues all over the country. He gave me great insights into housing generally, how he entered this field, and what I could do as a law student to get involved. He also told me about all the great things about living in DC and the changes in the city in the past few years. As we left the plane, he gave me his card and said that he wanted to keep in touch.

I am glad that I reached out to say hi. There was so much that I got from that conversation, and I’m excited to continue learning about housing issues.

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