Pity for single people

I feel sorry for single people.
I don’t intend to. I believe that it is possible to have a fulfilling, wonderful, love-filled life as a single person. I believe that while marriage is a good thing, it is not a guarantor of happiness.
Yet I can tell when I see single people, especially older single people, I feel sorry for them. I can hear this voice that says “Oh, what a shame. They must feel so alone.” Even for some of the most lively, joyful, and gracious single people I know, I feel this twinge of pity.
But why should this be the case? Why should singleness seem to be this horrid condition that needs to be cured? I suppose this depends on whether the person chose to be single or wanted to get married but couldn’t. But if the person is ok with singleness or even embraces it, why shouldn’t I?
Marriage is not a panacea to life’s ills. As written in the article Jesse Chui shared with me, “Marriage will not bulletproof your life from pain or loneliness or tragedy. People can be married and still feel desperately alone, or misunderstood, or even hated/hateful, all at the same time.”
I feel sorry for single people. Should I be?

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