Meeting Dean Badger

This morning, as I was waiting for the bus, I saw one of the administrators (Dean Badger) walk up. He gave me that slight nod you give to someone you recognize, but don’t really know that well. We had never talked before, but I thought to myself “I can either just stand here and we can wait silently, or I can say hello.”

So I said “Hello, Dean Badger!” He responded “Oh hi! I didn’t recognize you!” Which he probably really didn’t, considering this was our first interaction. I quickly introduced myself. We ended up having a great conversation on the bus. He told me about what it was like serving as Assistant Dean decades ago, when he served as Dean of Students, Admissions, and everything else. We talked about the international students at the school and their experience. We talked about his children in DC and Japan and how he is looking forward to seeing them soon.

All in all, I was glad that I said hello.

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