Dream: New York City buses

4 dreams last night.

Dream 1: New York City. Almost sunset. I was standing in a cafe with dozens of other law students, all of us chatting idly while waiting for the bus to take us to the event. I fidgeted with my suit and looked at my phone. The bus was due any minute to pick us up at 900 Grayson (East Bay friends, note the reference). I looked on the map and noticed that there was a small produce shop nearby. The map showed the prices of fruit (app developers, get on this), and I noticed it was cheaper at the shop than at the Ralph’s (SoCal friends!) a few blocks away.

I got excited because the produce shop looked just like one I have seen on Seinfeld, the one that sold the melons that got George perked up. I tried to tell others to get them excited (about the shop, not George), but they were not interested.

I looked at the map again, and with a sudden sinking feeling realized that we were waiting at the wrong spot. The buses were waiting on a peninsula several blocks away. Our group left the cafe and started walking. Soon, we were marching lock-step, stone silent, the sound of our leather-heeled steps ringing in the humid night air.

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