Snow Walk

This is my first winter in a cold climate, and so for the first time I need to deal with the snow. I bought several pairs of boots, socks, and long underwear, and so far it’s not been too bad. Sometimes, though, the snow can get quite deep, and walking through it can be frustrating. A walk that would ordinarily only take a few minutes can feel longer just because of the need to trudge through the snow.

Sometimes, in walking through the snow, I feel a strange temptation to just give up. I think about how much work it will take to get home, take a shower, unpack everything. I think about how much work there still is left to do. It’s strange, but I feel a seductive urge to stop, fall over, and let the cold embrace of winter take me. Very dramatic, for a ten minute walk! Yet it is in these times that I need to remind myself to keep walking and take every step. Rather than fixate on how much time it will take to the end, I need to keep going.

I’ve been trying to approach this law school experience the same way. When I think about finals or Spring Quarter or the next two years, it all can seem so daunting. There is so much to do, and in some way it’s tempting to give up. Yet I need to remember to just keep going forward. There will be failures and missteps and problems on the way, and that’s ok. In fact, just like a walk on a still winter evening, snow gently falling into the crisp cold air, the journey can be beautiful.

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