Why I write

One of the reasons that I started writing these notes on Facebook was to declare to myself that my voice matters. I had told myself a lie for so many years that no one wants to hear what I have to say and that my perspective is useless. I remember thinking “Well, even if I had something worthwhile to say, so many other people have said it better. People have a limited amount of time, and why would they read my writings when they could read all of these other authors. I have nothing new to say.”

Yet I realized that truth has value, even when it has already been expressed. The truth of “Love your neighbor” has been reiterated countless times, yet is no less true for it. The value of truth is not solely in its novelty, for even a new expression of an old idea can be of some use.

That’s one of the reasons I started writing on Facebook, so that between the “What Type of Food are You” quizzes and incendiary political posts, I can provide something that may be of some use.

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