Someone asked me what kind of superpower I would have. My response:

“I would like the power to create negative space. I’m not too familiar with physics, so let’s just look at it conceptually. I would be able to create zones of space where nothing can pass through. Think of forcefields that keep out bullets. Now imagine extending that to sound or light. I could make a bubble space around my room to keep out all sound. If I’m distracted by someone talking too loudly, I can create a bubble space around him so that sound doesn’t get out.

I would be able to create big spaces and small spaces. If I were to use the power for evil, I could create tiny bubble spaces in the blood vessels connecting someone’s lungs to the rest of their body. No matter how hard they breathe, oxygen would not be able to get into their bloodstream. Imagine someone hyperventilating, gasping for breath, consciousness fluttering from his oxygen sapped mind.

Mostly, though, I would just use it to get some peace and quiet.”

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