Mermaid Dream

A dream I once had:

I was in an Italian villa with my parents and my brother. We were walking through charming cobblestone streets and old buildings when we came upon a small candy store. As we wandered around in the store, I found a hole in the wall that was just big enough to squeeze into. I crawled through it and emerged inside a vast auditorium. There were thousands of people gathered, dancing, while a band played onstage. Everything was dark, but there were dim blue lights everywhere. After some time, I decided to find my family again. I went out a door and found myself back at the hotel where they were staying. However, I soon realized that I had left a notebook at that auditorium. I turned back and through a different street found the auditorium, which was now empty. I found my notebook under a chair and headed out.

When I went outside, several black sedans pulled up and threatening men in dark suits and sunglasses came out. The Mafia! They started walking menacingly toward me. Just then, my friend Crystal Mok drove up in a motorcycle. I said “Crystal, what are you doing here?!” She said “Get on!” and we started racing away, the mafia chasing after us. The view panned out from my perspective to an overhead camera view. Crystal and I (even though I was watching from overhead, I could still tell it was me) sped away, the sedans in quick pursuit. We weaved through alleyways and side streets, but the mafia were gaining! We reached the marina! Off the ramp! We’re airborne! Landing right onto the cruise ship, the mafia still after us! We weaved through the shops and the food stands. Then I turned into Uma Thurman and Crystal turned into Janet Jackson. Another ramp! Jump! Crystal/Janet disappeared, and I/Uma turned into a mermaid. I crashed into the ocean and frantically started swimming away. One of the mafia men jumped off the boat and came hovering toward me through the air. Then I woke up.

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