Swearing: Part 2

I posted a comment recently about profanity. Several people have come up to me and apologized for swearing in my presence. They expressed that they didn’t mean to offend.

I appreciate these apologies but I do want to state for the record that I’m not actually offended by profanity. My original comment was in response to using profanity as a crutch for lazy language. Some folks are prone to throw out curse words like sharp elbows, using shock to cover a lack of substance.

Thinking about the original incident (my brother’s college friend), it seemed that he was swearing as a way to “grow up” his language. It came across as his trying to sound more adult by dirtying up his words. I wanted to tell him “Cussing like that doesn’t make you an adult.”

One friend said that profanity in his speech is a sign that he feels comfortable and that he only uses it when he’s among friends. I can understand that. I would prefer a friend with a dirty mouth and an honest heart than someone with pristine speech and evil intent.

And now, all this talk about profanity brings to mind this scene. Enjoy! (Strong language, but you probably figured that).

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