Learning Language

I was talking with a friend about my concerns of marrying a girl who is not Korean and the challenges we would face in language and cultural barriers:

Friend: Joel, if you we’re to marry a Chinese-American girl, would you learn Chinese to speak to her parents?
Me: I would put in an honest effort to, yeah.
Friend: Right! Well, I’m sure that she would put the effort to learn Korean too. In fact, since she is starting from scratch, she may put in more effort than a Korean-American girl who knows just enough to get by. So the Chinese girl may actually come to understand the culture better than a Korean girl would. Also, since she is approaching the culture from outside it, she can help you see the whole picture of that culture more clearly.

Marrying a woman from a different cultural background would have its challenges, but there are certain positive aspects that I had not considered.

Also, no, there is no specific woman in mind. I’m just sharing some thoughts.

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