Going back

People ask me if I intend on going back to California after I graduate from law school. If I had enough time, this is what I would say:

My mom is from a family of 5 siblings, 4 girls and one boy. She has always been very close to her sisters. They shared stories, school supplies, and sleeping areas.

Before my mom got married to my dad, he told her that he was planning on going to the US to study, and that marrying him might mean leaving Korea for a while. He wanted to pursue new opportunities in a new country. It was hard for my mom to think about leaving her family, but she married my dad and they moved to Atlanta.

While my dad was studying at Georgia State, I was born. Soon, my parents relocated to LA. They settled into their new life. They bought a car, then another. They bought a house. They started setting in roots.

My family was able to visit Korea several times, but only every few years. My mom missed her sisters’ weddings. She missed the birth of her sisters’ children. Imagine what that is like. She had always been close to her sisters.

Family is an important part of my life. That is something I learned from both of my parents. I want to be near them, to share the life that we have been given. To be close.

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