Cooking Together

I always enjoyed watching my dad and mom cook together. It’s rare to see older Korean men cook, but my dad is quite accomplished in the “frugal gourmet” way, as he would say. Watching them cook as a team was a great joy.

I’m not currently in a relationship (in fact, I’ve never had a girlfriend), but I would like my future wife to enjoy cooking. This is not so she can make delicious meals for me to eat (as some may say)! In fact, it’s not a matter of her being a good cook at all (although that’s a plus). I simply would want her to enjoy cooking, since I enjoy cooking and would want to cook with her.

Cooking is the enjoyment of life! Cooking is patience, allowing things to take their time. Cooking is toughness, braving hot pans and cuts and disappointments that turn to lets-try-agains. Cooking is care, giving of time and skill and creativity for others. Cooking with another person is trust, a letting go of a need to have control and have everything prepared just so for the greater joy of working with someone else. 

One day, I’d like to marry someone who enjoys cooking. But for now, I’ll be cooking for one, and that’s ok.

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