Today I attended a memorial service for Abbie Harper, the second year law student who passed away last week. She was 23. I never met her, but I got the feeling that I should be there. it was held in a chapel on campus, near the Divinity School. Many of her classmates were there, along with several professors. Professor Strahilevitz spoke on how he remembered Abbie from Property class, recalling her beaming smile and bright personality. Some of her classmates shared memories and stories, how they made plans for working in DC next summer and all the adventures they would have together. Her parents spoke a few words as well.

I was glad that I went. Life in school can be a whirlwind of classes and cold calls and outlines and exams and job searches. It can be easy to lose perspective. Attending Abbie’s memorial reminded me to be thankful for life, friends, and community. Her father shared that Abbie wanted everyone “to not be afraid to live.” To fear not, and live.

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