A lesson learned, again and again

Any thought that tells you that you don’t deserve to be happy is not worth considering.

Any voice that says that you will never find fulfillment because you aren’t worth it is lying.

And any time that same corrosive thinking that says that any joy that you experience in this life is an illusory reprieve from the unending searing misery that is your ultimate destiny and that in the end you will live a broken, cold, and hopeless life returns, give it not a passing notice.

My destiny is one of beauty, laughter, and hope.

And life is too short to dwell in falsehood.

The letters sans paper

Something I appreciate about this new media world of ours is the ability to sift through others’ writings and gain a glimpse into their minds. My friends who have blogs record their dreams, ideas, bizarre contemplations and provide them for all to enjoy. They have given the world the key to their lockbox of treasured letters and half-remembered reveries. They have chosen to share the beauty and majesty that is themselves, and the world is the better for it. It is an experience utterly individualistic yet undeniably communal. We do not latch to a hive-mind mentality, only expressing thoughts vetted by others. Yet we also do not muffle ourselves, hiding away our thoughts until they become only so much dust. We write and we share and we learn.

Truth has value always. In every expression of it, in every iteration, it carries worth. Never stale, never worn out, never useless. In every retelling by every tongue, it remains weighty.

So let us not grow weary in speaking truth, in building up others, and fighting like hell against all those vituperative voices that seek to tear us down.